Reflection on Juz’ 26 by Sheik S. Johns El

“Do they not then reflect on the Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts?” [47:24]

Self-reflection is the business of a true believer. Juz’ 26 of the Holy Quran hammers in the importance of being mindful of Allah and his ordinances. Through his Prophets (PBUH) he communicated this importance to humanity many times over, making mankind reflect on the nature of man as a whole. As I read Juz’ 26 a few questions arose to which I believe we should all ponder: 


What are we capable of doing as humans? 


How do we have the will to do both good and evil?


How do our intentions affect the outcome of things? 


What are we really devoted to in this world? 


Do we have a true Love and Fear for Allah?


How did Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) deal with disbelievers in his community that were trying to mock, harm and kill him and at the same time showing so much tolerance towards them? 


The Surahs that make up this Juz of the Holy Quran reminds us of the reason why we must guard ourselves from our own nature in this life to have success in this life and the next, as Allah has promised the believers. 

“And it will be said to them, “This is what you were promised, for whoever constantly turned to Allah and kept up His commandments”[50:32]

“Indeed, what you are promised is true.” [51:5] 


Self-reflection is that of a believer. Self-reflection leads to a gnosis of ourselves. I believe this is why Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was sent by Allah to remind humanity of this. It’s connected to correcting our character, in which lies the purpose of why the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was sent as a mercy by Allah to this earth and worlds. 


The duty of a Prophet is to save their people from the wrath of Allah. This is a mercy from Allah to send us guidance and to remind us of this ability to do good deeds and remove the evil ones through our intentions of being obedient and pleasing to Allah. All we have to do is self-reflect. 

“There are ˹countless˺ signs on earth for those with sure faith, as there are within yourselves. Can you not see?” [51:21]


May Allah accept all of our fasting and lead us all to the right path. Ramadan Mubarak.

Sheik S. Johns El, Grand Sheik 

Moorish Science Temple No. 77

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Sheik Johns El was a resident student at The Khoi Foundation in Queens and Brooklyn, New York from 1995-1998 where he studied Arabic, Fiqh, Sharia and Islamic History. He joined the Moorish Science Temple of America in June 2008 and was made an Adept and Grand Governor in 2015 and was ordained as a Minister thru the Divine Ministry in 2016. He has set aside five other Subordinate and Branch Temples and is a current member of the Grand
Body of the Moorish Science Temple of America. He is also a professional musician, songwriter, producer and record label executive. He was awarded a Grammy for his feature “Lift Off” on Robert Glasper’s “Black Radio” album in 2013 and has
numerous other awards as well.

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