‘We Out Here’: Muslim Women Who Travel

The growing popularity of international travel among African Americans often referred to as “the Black Travel movement,” has led to a burgeoning industry of travel groups and social networks that center the experience of Black globetrotters. In so doing, the movement promotes travel stories that combat the age-old stereotype that American-born Black folks rarely travel beyond the Caribbean or the continental United States.

African American Muslims and the LAPD

Earlier this year, the ILM (Intellect, Love and Mercy) Foundation in Los Angeles, Ca., convened a group of sixteen Black Muslim community organizers to prepare for a public forum between the Black Muslim Community in South Central and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Top Billin’: Muslim Cool on Left of Black

We invite you to watch to an episode from “Left of Black,” a weekly Black studies webcast hosted by cultural critic and professor of Black Popular Culture at Duke University, Dr. Mark Anthony Neal. In this episode, Sapelo’s Senior Editor Dr. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer discusses how she uses cultural anthropology and Hip-Hop to explore the intersections of race, Islam and popular culture.

The Politics of Civic Engagement and Self-Determination

Sapelo Square Politics Editor, Kamilah A. Pickett, talks with Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur, Board Chair of the Georgia Muslim Voter Project.



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